Celebrate: Pizza Party Day

Gimme Pizza! P-I-Z-Z-A. (You know who you are Olson Twins fans.) While many things are negotiable and absolutes are difficult to define, pizza stands supreme (pun intended). Generally, most red-blooded humans enjoy a slice of cheesy, saucey goodness from time to time, or from day to day, if you were like my husband and I earlier this month in New York City. (Quite fitting that Tourism Day and Pizza Party Day fall in May!)

Disclaimer: I am not an expert in the art of NY-style pizza. I would simply like to share a few of the places I’ve been, give some quick recommendations, and make you super eager to order a pie sometime soon.

First, we visited Joe’s Pizza in Greenwich Village, made extra delectable by the late hour we consumed the pizza and the hilarious comedy show we attended prior to consuming said ‘za. Joe’s is both what you’d want if you had a few too many and what you’d crave for a quick bite with a good pal. Like Pringles, I bet you can’t eat just one (slice).

Second stop on our Tour de ‘Za: Grimaldi’s. I highly recommend walking across the Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan, with Grimaldi’s set as your reward for successfully dodging hundreds of tourists and getting all of your steps in for the day. Matt and I went with a classic margarita-style pizza and were not disappointed. Although you can add many different toppings, this option enabled us to enjoy the pie in it’s natural habitat, so to speak. Grimaldi’s employs the classic coal-oven style of cooking. Pro-tip: be prepared to wait in line (direct sunlight) and bring cash (no cards accepted).

I find it fitting that the final pizza stop was in Little Italy/Nolita at Emporio. Not typically featured on the “classic” lists of NY-style pizza, this establishment is apparently where celebs go to get a great meal when milling about the Lower East Side. The list of entrees looked amazing, but the pizza was most certainly a stellar place to start. Cooked in a wood oven, the pizza at Emporio is made using top-of-the-line double zero flour. The resulting texture of the crust was quite amazing, enhanced by tangy sauce and gooey mozzarella. (Side note: I highly recommend the Nolita/Noho Food Tour, where you can visit Emporio and many other great neighborhood spots.)

And because we were only in the Big Apple for five short days, the pizza chronicles will continue on in the future! There are still quite a few places to go on my list, and I mean Pizza Day (February 9th) is coming…

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