Taking Ten

Art doesn’t simply happen. Stories don’t write themselves. And lately, I’ve been thinking about my desire to create and the ebbs and flows therein.

Although I’d describe myself as a fairly scheduled, organized person, creative pursuits seem to fall out of mix when I plot out the minutes and hours of my days. Because art is more fluid and abstract in nature, I somehow assume that it just is. It just happens. And I can’t put reins on it, so I just let my mood take control.

However, if I wait for inspiration, for illumination to come to me, I find the proverbial canvas blank, more often than not. So lately, I’ve been thinking of ways to carve out time for art, music, and writing—to take anything I would consider procedurally organic into something intentionally planned.

If I set aside even ten minutes a day to hand-letter a card, to cross stitch, to add content to my blog, to sing in the shower, to journal, the content might not be noteworthy, but the change in my mood might be. It’s not a particularly novel thought, as any pursuit demands time and practice, but I believe all too often we consider output over input–negating the inner benefit creative pursuits provide.

So, this post marks my first #artten. If you’re like me and find yourself saying, “I’m not particularly talented, artistic, or gifted,” yet secretly love and long to create, consider taking ten for art. I’m looking forward to what this new variety of an #everydayholiday will bring!

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