Wicky-wow, wicky-wow: Vinyl Record Day

From the invention of the first phonograph in 1877 up to the creation of Apple and Google music memberships today, recording and playing music can range from a highly technical, involved process to an unconscious, daily habit. And for those who prefer tickling their ears with the sound of vinyl records specifically, this day is for you!

You may have your dad’s, you may have a refurbished one, or you may have an Urban Outfitters model, but whatever your record player’s origin, you likely swear that certain albums sound best on vinyl.

My own brother, B.J., is one such avid vinyl listener and, for this Everyday Holiday, I picked his brain for a few recommendations of albums he finds are especially good on vinyl:

  • MF Doom — Mm…Food
  • Joy Division — Unknown Pleasures
  • Pixies — Doolittle
  • The Beach Boys — Pet Sounds
  • Pink Floyd — Wish You Were Here
  • The Smiths — The Smiths
  • John Coltrane — Blue Train
  • De La Soul — 3 Feet High and Rising
  • Elliot Smith — Either/Or
  • Led Zeppelin — Led Zeppelin III

As a disclaimer, B.J. did share that this is a small sampling from the records he owns, and there are several more he’d like to check out in the future. (Might I add, after marking the 44th anniversary of the invention of hip-hop yesterday, it’s a stellar weekend to revisit some of your personal favorites or even a brand new album.

Because all celebrations are better with music,


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