Name Day, Birthday, You Name It!

So, Matt and I finally took the plunge and started watching Game of Thrones. Yes, we realize we’re six years late to this party, but hey, we finally found our way. Over the course of two weeks, we’ve moved with lightning speed from season one all the way to season four. It’s like we’ve got the magic of the dragons moving us or we know winter is coming…

Although characters come and go in this series (let’s be honest, it’s mostly go, and it’s mostly violent), there have been one or two fairly jovial “Name Day” celebrations. Akin to birthdays, such events consist of celebrating a day of the year that is associated with one’s given name. Often in the Christian tradition of old, there is a saint or other noteworthy patron associated with a name, and either their day or birth or death is a name day–one of great merriment and feasting.

This week, I’ve been celebrating the name days or birthdays of a few good friends, both near and far. I love a good, old fashioned birthday bash or even just a quiet lunchtime rendezvous.

Over the course of this Everyday Holiday experiment, I’ve had many people inquire about “freebies” and special birthday deals. Although there are some sites that share this information, sometimes the deals are hit or miss. To aid my fellow readers in the search for birthday bliss, here are my top five b-day freebie recommendations:

  1. Liberty Hall – If you’re in the Kansas City/Lawrence area, it’s definitely worth your while to head over to Liberty Hall in Downtown Lawrence. This cute, quirky theater offers birthday celebrators not just one but two deals. First, you can see a movie for free AND you can also take home a free rental from their adjoining video store. (Bonus deal: La Prima Tazza, the coffee shop next door, doles out free b-day drinks!)
  2. Wendy’s – Love me a good frosty. And, to my knowledge, you can grab a free birthday frosty without signing up for an email or rewards club. (As you’ve probably noted in your quest for birthday freebies, most places require membership to a rewards program or subscribing to an email list serve before you are awarded birthday spoils.)
  3. Papa Murphy’s – Speaking of joining rewards clubs, well, you do have to join one for this deal. However, the Papa Murphy’s Dinner Circle sends you excellent text coupons you can use all year! And you get free “dough” (not the green kind, rather, the cookie variety) on your birthday. The best part about the dough is that it freezes super well. So, if you’re already on sugar overload, you can save this treat for another day!
  4. Caribou Coffee or Dunkin Donuts – Two places, one entry here, as you can get a free beverage at either, and who doesn’t need java on their birthday?! You can either get the coupon in advance by indicating your birthday online or you can go in store and sign up.
  5. First Watch – This establishment is the brunch place of choice for me and my extended family! If you join their Sun eClub, you get a BOGO entree deal just for signing up, and then a free entree offer will arrive in your inbox by your birthday!

Other freebie favs? Please feel free to share them in the comments section and, let me be the first to say, Happy Birthday (Name Day) to you!

– Kelsey

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