Graham Crackers Galore

Happy Graham Cracker Day!

Whether camping in the woods or crashing at home, I always enjoy a good, old-fashioned graham cracker, primarily, in s’more form.

To make the day a little sweeter, here are a few recommendations for some tasty combinations with crunchy grahams:

[PB&A S’mores] Take one part graham cracker, a spread of peanut butter, and a slice of apple, then top it off with a toasted mallow. Another fun idea? Switch traditional honey grahams for the cinnamon variety.

[Strawberry Nutella S’mores] Break a graham in half and spread Nutella, topped with a few strawberry slices on top of one half. Finish off with your toasted marshmallow and place the other graham half on top.

[White Chocolate Raspberry S’mores] Replace the typical milk chocolate bar with a white chocolate bar and spread either raspberry jam or chopped raspberries on one side of a graham cracker. Add your toasted marshmallow, along with the other graham cracker half, and crunch away!

[Dark Chocolate Almond Coco-mores] Make your s’more in the typical fashion, but enhance the traditional flavors with a piece of dark chocolate, a sprinkle of coconut, and some slivered almonds.

Have a merry–and extra sweet–Graham Cracker Day!


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