Celebrate: International Handstand Day

Guest post by Vanessa Newton // Instagram: @vlnewt // Twitter: @vlnewt

It’s June 24th, and do you know what that means??

It’s International Handstand Day! Like most holidays, why this holiday was created who knows? But I am active participant in anything that means I get to stand on my hands. I started out tumbling as a little kid and have kept it up as a “grown up” by taking adult gymnastics classes. The feeling of flying through the air and finding the perfect balance in a handstand is like none other. (If you are struggling, might I recommend doing handstands against a wall and then finding a nice open space. When you go up, squeeze your abs to help keep you stable…really squeeze all of your muscles!)

To participate in International Handstand Day, post photos or videos of you doing a handstand and tag #handstandday in your post! Here are a few of my favorite places I’ve done handstands…

My Kentucky friends and I went and hiked the Pinnacles in Berea, KY and we got this amazing shot!

​​When I lived in #LFK (Lawrence, Kansas where Kelsey and I worked together), I was an active member of the Lawrence Trailhawks and on this night, I was named Tumble Hawk!
​If you are going to be at the #data17 Tableau Conference, look for me there! I’ll probably be doing this…
And finally, on the rooftop of my old apartment here in Rochester, NY…

Go out and celebrate International #handstandday today and continue celebrating everyday! Spending time upside down and, remember, doing tumbling isn’t just for little kids! If you are interested in taking up adult gymnastics classes, I highly encourage you to try. Both of the gyms I’ve found simply by googling “adult gymnastics classes” and adding the city I’m living in. Adult classes are loads of fun because you have some people in the class that are advanced and others who have never done a flip before in their lives. But, hey, we all come together to learn and have fun (and hopefully keep injuries at a minimum)!

You can follow my tumbling and handstanding on my Twitter and/or Instagram! I’m @vlnewt on both #selfpromo.

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