Don’t Call it a Comeback

It’s been three years.

Holidays were celebrated. Merriment was made. And, dare I say, a few balloons were unfurled.

At some point during this time, I decided to sequester The Everyday Holiday into the secrecy of “private” mode on the interwebs, leaving the site to collect virtual dust.

Simply put, I lost perspective regarding what I was doing and why I was doing it. I felt like I could create and celebrate in other ways, and so I did. I changed jobs, I got married, I traveled abroad, and I switched cities of residence, in no particular order, all over the course of 1,000 days. While enjoying many wonderful, landmark celebrations, the practice of noting the small, everyday holidays seemed to shift to my personal back-burner. But lately, I’ve been missing it. Missing the connections, missing the celebrations, and missing the fun.

Slowly but surely, I’m planning to release new content in this little corner of the world. I’m holding my breath and my proverbial pen, unsure of what will come. I’m okay with the uncertainty, however, because new endeavors, paired with simple expressions of creativity, are something to embrace. Whether it’s an eventful or seemingly mundane phase of life, I believe the moment is always ripe to rejoice. So, I’d like to rededicate my time to sharing joy across all seasons of life, emotions, and experiences.

“Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous.” – Bill Moyers

As a first step, I will be updating The Everyday Holiday Calendar function (housed under the “celebrate” tab), so y’all can add some interesting, zany days back into your lives—or at least to your Google calendar. In addition to adding a few new posts here and there, I also plan on sharing some of my process as I brainstorm what The Everyday Holiday could look like in terms of printed cards, party planning tips, and simply, easy-to-follow recipes.

In sum, stay tuned, and stay thirsty (for celebrations), my friends,



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