Mood Boosters: The Summer Collection

Falling asleep at the computer? Longing for the sunshine while stuck indoors? Here are three simple ways to bring the joy of summer inside, while staying productive at your 8 to 5.

  1. Mix it up. Whether you’re a Pandora fan or a Spotify loyalist, create a mood-boosting playlist or a toe-tapping radio station to keep you on track and feeling grand. I personally recommend “Hipster BBQ” on Pandora and #WertzWednesday on Spotify.
  2. Bring the outside in. Adding a touch of green can do wonders for your mood and can add pizzazz to your cubicle or office space. It’s psychologically proven. If you’re like me and have a notorious black thumb or a dark office, check out Apartment Therapy for hard-to-kill house plants.
  3. Treat a coworker. If you have a coffee or snack shop at your workplace or across the street, ask a colleague is they would like to go on a quick jaunt to seek sustenance. While giving your limbs a bit of exercise and your brain a bit of energy, you’ll be able to bring a bit of joy to someone else’s day. Double win. Double rainbow.

Stay classy and stay sunny friends,


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