Small Beginnings


Don’t despise the days of small beginnings.

The words hit me square between the eyes, at the precise spot where truth seizes both logic and emotion.

Although I can claim to enjoy predictability, certainty, and security, I’d rather experience flashes of brilliance, even if accompanied by thunders of terror. Breakthrough. Revelation. Such words stir the soul so much more powerfully than dedication or perseverance. When push comes to shove, however, most of life is lived here, in the uncomfortable in between.

How do we make the days, that seem to shuffle meaninglessly from one to the next, truly memorable? As odd as it may seem, an old adage from elementary fire safety comes to mind: stop, drop, and roll. 

Stop. To truly see what’s ahead, to not only notice it, takes a watchful eye. When an opportunity presents itself, we’re presented with a “fork in the road moment.” Do we blaze forward or take a moment to pause?

Drop. We carry a heavy load each and every day. Burdens, regrets, groceries, bills, children–literally and figuratively, we’re sore, worn out, and dried up people. After noticing a moment of opportunity, the act of release can free our hearts to receive the blessings of a seemingly insignificant moment.

Roll. A seemingly small ball of snow becomes increasingly larger as it rolls down a hill, picking up additional bits of ice and snow along the way. Similarly, we become fortified and stronger from moving forward, while incorporating and sharing the everyday moments and lessons before us.

Whether it’s an unexpected text, a smile from a stranger, or a seriously good brownie, I encourage us all to stop, drop, and roll, working small beginnings into the greater narrative of an intentional life.


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