Picking up the Megaphone

Yes, I was a cheerleader in high school.

Was I the homecoming queen or the first person asked to prom? Not quite.

Truthfully, I kinda stuck out like a five-foot-eleven sore thumb, serving as back spotter for all the lifts.

From these humble beginnings, I learned to raise my voice. Even when I felt timid. Especially when I felt uncertain. Because, shockingly, the crowd didn’t come to watch me do a toe-touch or start catchy chants. People came for a cause of sorts. They came for football. They came for a team. They came for community. Although, don’t get me wrong, I pretended I was Torrance Shipman (yep, check IMDb, that’s her last name) anyway.

Currently, I again find myself raising my voice for something beyond myself, and it feels right. Despite my own insecurities, shortcomings, and concerns, it’s time to pick up the proverbial megaphone for the voiceless, abused, and exploited.

So, in line with the theme of this project, I must “ask”: What is your megaphone? What medium could you use to help me spread the word about The Ask Project? Be it tweeting, texting, or simply conversing with those around you, I humbly ask you to cheer for team #purposeproject.

Wondering what to say? Thanks to my friends at The Mocha Club, here are a few sample tweets, Facebook posts, or Instagram captions to consider copying and pasting to find what “wertz” for getting a hold of Matt and for spreading the good word about The Ask Project:

Help this girl grab a mocha w/@mattwertz & even better, save women from slavery w/@mochaclub bit.ly/1fC9tXiย  #purposeproject

She’s boldly asking, raising $$ to save women’s lives, & hoping to meet @mattwertz. Will you donate $4?ย bit.ly/1fC9tXiย #purposeproject

Let’s spread the word about something real good,


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