The Ask Project

Hello again, or hello for the first time.

Some of you may be visiting on a redirect from the Mocha Club, while others of you may be stopping by as faithful Everyday Holiday readers. Just to make sure we’re all on the same page, here’s the skinny: I’m embarking on an little endeavor for the month of March called The Ask Project.

So what does this project entail, Kelsey? I’m so very glad you asked. Since this post may get a little text-heavy, allow me to break it up with a little something from the You Tubes:

My specific project is centered on the paradox of asking. Presenting your wants and needs in a humble, honest manner takes guts. Oftentimes, I find it much easier to silently muddle through rather than ask for what I want or need. However, I don’t believe we as humans are meant to meander and to survive alone.

For the countless times I’ve felt helpless and voiceless, I know there are women across this world who’ve experienced an aggressively more intense version of isolation, exploitation, and desperation. Something’s broken. Something’s missing. So, I’ve been asking myself, “how can I use my voice to ask for more?” More of myself. More of others. More for others. 

To partner with Mocha Club in restorative justice, I would like to use my voice to ask for something that I’d like, yet I don’t ultimately need. In the “mocha spirit,” I’d like to ask for a mocha. More specifically, I’d like to ask MC artist, Matt Wertz, for a mocha. I was indadvertedly introduced to the Mocha Club by Mr. Wertz at one of his performances, exactly three years ago. I’ve seen Matt in concert one other time since and have always been impressed with his approachable demeanor, quirky humor, and sensitive heart. Laymen’s terms: as the funds donated increase, so will my frequency and creativity in asking Matt for a mocha. If you’re getting lost in any of this verbiage, check out the handy-dandy graph below. (Bear in mind, it’s been at least seven years since I’ve taken any derivative of a math class):


I plan on visiting friends in Nashville at the end of March and, if I reach my goal (or am on track to do so), I hope to meet up with Matt for a mocha to chat about life, his trip to Africa, and the spaces in between. I humble ask you to consider partnering with me in raising $1200 this month to provide rehabilitation services for three African women in need. Whether it’s five dollars or fifty, your generous investment will break the cycle of exploitation. Count on me to be active on the blogosphere, Twitterverse, Instaworld, and Facebookland to keep you up to date on all things #purposeproject.

And lastly, but most importantly, check out to support The Ask Project journey!

With gratitude and expectancy,

One thought on “The Ask Project

  1. Natalie says:

    I’m so excited to see how this develops this month! What a worthy cause you are supporting! Count me in to help out in any way I can.

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