So I’ve started this “grand announcement” post thrice now. For one reason or another, I have yet to go through with it. Yet today, after about a week of this “new endeavor,” it’s high time.

For the next 356 days, I plan to share, in writing or words, and expression of thanks daily.

Today warrants this post because the one who inspired me, Natalie Timson, is on my heart and mind in a big way. Sometimes new opportunities lead way to difficult goodbyes and, thanks to Natalie, today I am thankful for the ability to laugh and cry simultaneously. Joy and sorrow have a way of going hand in hand; they enrich the human experience. I’ve also been thankful (and still am, of course) for:

  • Kitchy things like t-shirts from Acme and knick-knacks from Made (plug for Lawrence commerce unintentional)
  • My dad
  • Providential interruptions
  • The opportunity to hone my teaching skills (with Autumn)
  • The ability to exercise
  • Timely words of encouragement
  • Unexpected surprises
  • Music

And so much more to come!

With gratitude,


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