Characters welcome.

Everyone’s a character. Although it’s easy to feel dull, demure, or plain, there’s always something true about real-life, uncontrived people. In fact, many of the most beloved movie characters are based off of Average Joes and Janes. 

One of my favorite film directors, Cameron Crowe, based several of his protagonists off of neighbors or even passing strangers. The inspiration for the sweet talking, PR guru Jerry Maguire came from a passenger who happened to be on the same airplane as Crowe. From “Say Anything,” the quirky, optimistic Lloyd Dobler is based off of a neighbor who actually introduced himself with “I’m a kick-boxer. Have you ever heard of kickboxing? Sport of the future.” 

Quite simply put, you can’t make this stuff up. Humans, in our complex simplicity (yes, another oxymoron), are genetically the same, yet fundamentally so different. Some of the most profound moments in my life have been some of the most understated. A kind word from a stranger. An inside joke via text message. A simultaneous explosion of laughter. These are sweet, providential moments.

When these quirks are shared and celebrated (it always comes back to that “holiday” mentality you know), it’s just plain good, even in tumultuous times. Lately, I’ve been feeling challenged to appreciate the little things that make people who they are. Even though my observations will most likely not yield oscar-winning screenplays, I always hope to better appreciate, rather than scrutinize, the people God’s put next to me. To make the little oddities and eccentricities noticed and affirmed. 

Although I’m currently using three, yes three journals, (potential blog to follow explaining these personal chronicles) perhaps I should add an “oddities” journal to make an even four.

Connecting the dots and celebrating the little things,


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