Memoir of the Moment

This book had me at hello. (I mean, literally, the only word on the first page is “hello.”) If you’re like me, you’ve read a lot of novels, biographies, and memoirs with pithy statements and inspirational anecdotes. However, the older I get, the more I simply crave something real, something raw. (Fact: raw vegetables contain more nutrients than cooked.)

Emmy-nominated actress Mindy Kaling’s book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) is pretty dang entertaining. What it lacks in pretention and shimmer, it makes up for in accessibility and hilarity. Even though I’m only on page 42, I can feel it in my bones, this memoir is going to be a good one. (Thanks for the recommendation, Stacey B.!)

Combining two parts essay and one part pliest (Kaling’s own term for a piece with a “list-y” quality), this cheeky book makes humorous writing seem effortlessly joyful. So enamored with Kaling’s abilities, I suspect that she could make the yellow pages interesting. Additionally, I really appreciate her career advice to teenage girls: “stay in school and be a respectful and hardworking wallflower, and go to an accredited non-online university” (shameless higher ed plug). And perhaps, in a bout of narcissism, I simply enjoy this book because Mindy writes like I think…or how I think I want to write.

Basically, Mindy’s my current writer of the moment. Along with my song of the moment (toss up between Adele’s “I’ll Be Waiting” and this cover of “OMG”)

and my movie of the moment (Jerry McGuire), when I love something, I love it fast, and I love it much. End sidenote.

So, for the remaining two months (egad!) of this Everyday Holiday Experiment, I hope to channel some of Mindy’s spirit, spunk, and sarcasm.

On that note, here’s to you, Dad,

for seizing every teachable moment,

for teaching me how to use a public restroom,

for quoting movies incessantly,

for being a pioneer in your life and faith,

for offering advice and wise counsel,

for being tenderhearted enough to see my pain,

for being strong enough to hold me close,

for your love and support,

for all this and more,

whether you’re in the next room or whether you’re 1,158 miles away.

Happy Father’s Day to all official and unofficial dads everywhere who mentor, who teach, and who love.



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