Who’s Charlie Sheening This?

Okay sports fans, “Squirrel Appreciation Day” isn’t until Saturday, but there’s still plenty to get nutty about (pun intended). Until the excitement of Saturday comes, allow me to share my thoughts on yesterday’s “Get to Know Your Customers Day.” As a former manager in the wonderful world of retail, I used to often say, “the customer isn’t always right, but he does always get his way.” (Feel free to utilize the female pronoun in the previous sentence.) Consider this a twist of the token “always right” attribution for customers.

the customer isn’t always right, but he does always get his way

In my experience, rightness doesn’t always guarantee a victory, but sometimes persistence does. From wealthy designers to college students to hungry kids, it seems fair to say that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. In a serving profession, as most all of us are in some respect, when does one cave and when does one hold strong? Usually, concessions are made up until the employee’s integrity and or job are in jeopardy. But when standards are compromised, tempers flare, and the victory is decided, does anyone really win? I realize that this is a bit introspective for a holiday dedicated to getting “acquainted” with one’s customers; however, we’ve all been on both sides of the proverbial counter. When a service issue comes up, what are the true issues worth addressing? The more I marinate on it, the more I see that attitude and character are among the few things worth fighting for. And ironically enough, they aren’t fought for with words or fists or threats. In fact, those forms of leverage take away from character and attitude. So today I’ve decided, whether I get my way or not, whether I can offer a solution or not, I don’t want to win in the same ways and I don’t want to lose in the same ways that are common in this world.

Up and coming:

*Today: “Do Nothing Day” (Lounging, but still typing)

*January 17th: Judgment Day (uff da!)

*January 18th: Winnie-the-Pooh Day

*January 19th: Popcorn Day

*January 20th: Cheese Day

*January 21st: Squirrel Appreciation Day (Yeah buddy…)

*January 22nd: National Blonde Brownie (How about a blonde eating a brownie?)

No one really wins this time (Copeland anyone?),


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