Swapping Sweaters and Fancying Fruitcake

I am proud to proclaim that I have successfully completed the week of the cardigan! I’d like to say that I had to scrap together every ragged sweater in my closet to accomplish this feat, but alas, it was rather easy fulfill my commitment. Without boring you all to tears, I will say that I had a delightful time accessorizing various scarves, belts, and jewelry with my treasured cardigans. In order to challenge myself, I did try to piece together unique outfit combinations for my own amusement.

Snapping out of that “Barbie” moment, I do think that Sunday, December 18th must be recognized as some sort of Everyday Holiday. While I was doing some Christmas shopping with my little brother, I received a glorious text: “CHIEFS TAKE THE PACK!!!” Although I’m not usually one to rejoice in the failings of others, I make an exception when it comes to the Green Bay Packers. I mean, didn’t the French rejoice when the British surrendered to the Americans in the Revolutionary War? Like the Brits, the Packers have had an extremely successful run this National Football League season (in case any of you needed clarification as to what sport I am referring to). And while I hesitate to compare the Vikings (my team of choice naturally) to the French, we have had our fair share of losses this season, twelve to be specific. Perhaps, since I live in Kansas for this season of life, it also brings a little joy to my heart to know that an underdog, hometown team like the Chiefs (a.k.a. the Americans in this scenario) pulled out a big win. May December 18th live in infamy…well, at least for this football season.

In the game realm, I enjoyed an uproarious round of “Loaded Questions” with my mom, dad, and brother this Games Day, December 20th. Although I undoubtably lost, it’s always a treat to sit down with fellow crazy Ploegers and compete for bragging rights.

In addition to the obvious holiday coming this week, Christmas, there are a few more obscure ones you may want to light a candle for:

  • December 22: Date Nut Bread Day
  • December 23: Roots Day
  • December 24: Eggnog Day (my favorite beverage, hands down)
  • December 25: National Pumpkin Pie Day (??)
  • December 26: Whiners Day
  • December 27: Fruitcake Day
  • December 28: Card Playing Day

Which leads me to ask, what is the difference between Date Nut Bread Day and Fruitcake Day? Crazy holiday people.

From a fruitcake,


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