Hope Suspended

As Christmas cards are mounted on the fridge, as final papers are handed in, and as snow continues to evade the forecast, I sit and celebrate. Recently, I haven’t been able to get one little phrase out of my skull, one that describes the Narnia of C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe where: “It’s always winter and never Christmas.” According to this native of the Great White North, winter has not quite arrived in Lawrence, Kansas; however, Christmas’ arrival is not solely contingent upon the arrival of winter. But to imagine a long, dark, dreary winter without Christmas, would feel strangely hopeless.

With today, December 10th, slated as “Human Rights Day,” I find it’s placement in the holiday season oddly perfect. (Then again, the whole year is part of my holiday season I suppose.) The concept of hope will never ceases to amaze me. When all else falls to darkness and winter never fades, the human soul keeps going, despite all odds. It cannot do so alone, however. There are so many things to wait hopefully for: freedom, relationships, jobs, provision, nourishment. There’s got to be something more. And there is in fact, I believe, someone more. For those who seek joy and fulfillment, I pray the hope of this season will serve as a light in the dark distance.

Although this article is a week or so old, I just found it a great example of grace and hope in unexpected circumstances:


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