Crunch Time

The “official” holiday season and square dancing go together like peanut butter and jelly. Like Batman and Robin. Like hot wings and Tums. Like T.I. and prison. Deemed “Square-Dancing Day,” November 29th sets the stage for cowboy boots to meet mistletoe and for country to meet carols:

Like many of you, my Pandora, Spotify, iPod, and CD player (is it still okay to use this stone age technology??) will be set solely on Christmas music mode until December 26th. This music will serve as veritable fuel for this intense month. Although many of you may be experiencing the ever-increasing demands of work, school, and holiday shopping, I will be performing all of these tasks while eating red apples (December 1), taking a bath (December 5), and figuring out what gazpacho is (December 6). Rough life.

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