Bad Absurdity

I’ve yet to meet a person who wakes up in the morning and proclaims, “Man, I’d really like for today to just blow.” So I ask why, in the spirit of all that is The Everyday Holiday, would my calendar tell me that yesterday was “Have a Bad Day Day”? The reality baffles me. Paired with today’s “Absurdity Day,” this weekend has been one for the record books. Typically, bad circumstances are unforeseen and life’s quirks just happen. Whereas most people’s “bad days” are synonymous with Mondays, this year’s official “bad day” fell on a Saturday. Now how counterintuitive is that?! (Sidenote: I’ve come to loathe the phrases “a case of the Mondays” and “everybody’s workin’ for the weekend.” Both sentiments conflict with my aim to celebrate the everyday ins and outs of life.) However, despite my hesitancy to put my sweatshirt hood up, to play angsty music, and to curse out the world, bad absurdity found me.

After tossing and turning for an hour or two last night, I suspected every homeowner and tenant’s biggest fear: a gas leak in my apartment. From time to time, I had noticed a residual gas smell near my stove, but never anything that seemed out of the ordinary. However, last night, the odor became increasingly palpable. In fairness to those of you who don’t know me or my family linage, two bits of information may be helpful: 1. I have reported and survived two gas leaks at my previous apartment. 2. I come from a long line of worrywarts. Group these two tidbits together with the problem at hand, and let’s just say I was experiencing one heck of a “Bad Day Day-Absurdity Day” combo.

Feeling just a bit paranoid, I convinced myself that I was overreacting for a good chunk of the endless night. After four hours of sleep, I decided to call KU’s emergency maintenance line first thing in the morning. (Oh, and I was also on duty at this time. Isn’t it convenient that I could be a first-responder to my own crisis? :)) After calling in the incident, I headed off to watch a good display of absurdity: my dear friend Heather Pierce running a marathon!!

Thanks to Heather’s amazing display of athleticism, endurance, and strength, some good arose from the gas-fueled chaos of the morning. I returned to my apartment a several hours later to fixed pipes and clean air. Although I still have a lingering sinus headache, I hope for a full recovery by tomorrow!

Slightly high but still kickin’,


One thought on “Bad Absurdity

  1. Heather says:

    A gas leak!??? Oh my goodness gracious. I am so glad you are alive! You deserve 20 extra hugs for surviving a night like that. Thank you again for coming yesterday morning, it means the entire world and back πŸ™‚

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