Tea-Inspired Thoughts

Dishes to be done, sleep to be had, and work to be done. My next move? Well to blog of course! With a cup of tea in hand (I have to set it down while I type naturally), my inner Dickinson, Thoreau, and Poe come colliding together into one. Or so I’d like to think. (Don’t you imagine all great writers were tea drinkers?) Although I’m more of a coffee addict myself, tea is more conducive to the writing process in my humble opinion. Guided by this sudden burst of creativity, I hope that some shining idea will pop into my brain as to how to celebrate “Take a Hike Day” tomorrow. Initially, I can think of only two options: one, to walk up KU’s Mount Oread (for those of you who are unfamiliar with Kansas, this landmark is more of a large hill than an actual mountain) or to stand along K-10 with my thumb extended, waiting for a ride. Depending on the weather, option A sounds tiring and frigid, while option B sounds slightly frightening. However, there is also something oddly thrilling about hitchhiking. From horror movies to urban legends, hopping a ride has led to the rise and fall of many a protagonist. On one hand, you could have an axe murder as your driver, or on the other hand, you could have Jonathan Taylor Thomas. (“I’ll be Home for Christmas” anyone?) And whereas I used to live in Northeast Minneapolis (yes, I lived in Section Eight housing), I now live in the stereotypically calm prairies of Kansas. What better time to play with fate? For those of you ready to stage an intervention, fear not. I think I’ll stick to the more physically demanding option A. Unless anyone wants to get me a plane ticket to Colorado? Then I could do some REAL hiking:

This was my attempt with friends in Colorado to climb the infamous “incline” near Colorado Springs. Who would have thought hiking would provoke so much verbiage? Those who know me well are far from surprised πŸ™‚ Final verdict? I think I’ll translate my “hike” into a hike/run. I’m currently up to three miles and am showing exercise-enduced hives who’s boss! (For those of you who don’t know of this life-threatening illness, feel free to ask.)

Upcoming Events:

November 17: Take a Hike Day

November 18: Occult Day (thinking I’d rather go for something more positive, but all I can come up with is Independence Day for Latvia from Russia)

November 19: Have a Bad Day Day

November 20: Absurdity Day (yeah buddy)

November 21: World Hello Day (Guten Tag! Hola! Jambo! Bonjour! Okay, I’m done.)

November 22: Go for a Ride Day

November 23: You’re Welcome Day

One sip of tea left,


One thought on “Tea-Inspired Thoughts

  1. Rachel Fritz says:

    I remember that when I was in geography we were assigned counties. I just so happened to have been assigned Latvia, so I am all up for celebrating November 18th as Independence Day. πŸ˜‰

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