Candy is Dandy

Nine minutes until next meeting. Enough time to blog? Well, the very fact that this is posted will suggest the affirmative to that question. Just thought I would take this opportunity to notify you of some current events. (Friday was always “Current events” day in high school biology. Translation: a chance for my teacher to sit back and award us with superfluous extra credit. Science not being my strong point, I never complained.)

In world news, I declared myself the new Earl (or Earless…how would that be pronounced?) of Sandwich on National Sandwich Day. Topping the science headlines, November 2nd was, this year only, Palindrome Day. The numerical date, 11022011, is both the same backwards and forwards. Personally, I am thankful for this alternative option to Deviled Egg Day. In the arts, it was Author’s Day on November 1st. Props to Harper Lee, C.S. Lewis, Donald Miller, and all my favorites!

Hope you are feeling informed,

Kelsey Ploeger reporting

P.S.–I did not finish this before my meeting! I fail at making news “timely.”

Today is Candy day

Nov. 6th is Saxophone Day

Nov. 7th is Cook Something Bold Day

Nov. 8th Dunce Day

Nov. 9th Sadie Hawkins Day

Nov. 10th Forget-Me-Not day

Nov. 11th Air Your Dirty Laundry Day

12th National Pizza with the Works except anchovies

2 thoughts on “Candy is Dandy

  1. Rachel Fritz says:

    Today was Guy Fawkes Day! In celebration, I quoted V for Vendetta all day and watched the movie this evening. πŸ™‚

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