Easy As One, Two, Three

Oh my dear calendar, thank you for the little things that make life joyous:

  1. The opportunity to wear a sweater featuring a bear riding a hot air balloon (Wear Something Gaudy Day).
  2. The prospect of utilizing immense verbage to proliferate additional sycophants for this quixotic woman (Dictionary Day). Translation: The chance to use big words to get recruit more people who cater to me, an idealistic girl.
  3. The time to take a few assessments and live the dream of a student affairs professional (Evaluate Your Life Day).
  4. The venue to “drop it like it’s hot” (Snoop Dogg’s Birthday, October 20)
  5. The reminder that kindergarten was the most important year of my life (Count Your Buttons Day).
And just in case a visual is needed for number one (thanks Katie and Swandog, these are a few of my favorite items of clothing!):
Keeping it joyfully classy,

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