Ideally, holidays equal freedom. Freedom from work; freedom from school; freedom from chores, the whole enchilada. Growing up, a holiday could serve as a free pass. Stay in pajamas all day? Oh yeah, New Year’s will allow for that. Eat an extra piece of pie? Well, I’m sure the pilgrims would be offended if I didn’t. Mow the lawn? No thanks mom, it’s Labor Day, and heaven forbid I break a sweat.

If celebrating holidays has become my “lot in life” this year, do I ever get a holiday from celebrating holidays? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love Bald and Free Day (October 7) just as much as the next guy, but should I really go all Natalie Portman and shave off my locks? The past weekend was fall break at the University of Kansas, and thanks to my amazing bosses, I got to go on “holiday” in Minnesota. Between catching up with friends and spending time with family, it was a little tricky to get jazzed about Wallpaper Day and Moldy Cheese Day (October 8 and 9, respectively).

In my last entry, I talked about my executive power to amend certain days. However, I don’t want to be a dictator in the journey of celebration, so perhaps I need some checks and balances in place. (Because let’s face it, I was ready to override moldy cheese with just about anything). So here’s what I’m thinking: if I can find documented proof of a holiday different from the one on my calendar and it appears legitimate, I will swap the day. This will only be done at a max of two times per month…too harsh? Or perhaps I will accept applications for an advisory board to keep me accountable.

Wow. I can see why founding the United States was such a labor of love. This calling is not for the faint of heart, but I will gladly accept the challenge.

Just because, here’s a picture of my bro outside the Varsity Theatre on National Angel Food Cake Day (October 10). Any connection? No, but it was also Columbus Day, and we were celebrating freedom. The freedom to discover new lands (or music) and live life loud.

Front row at Minus the Bear! Seriously, I got spat upon!

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,


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