Revenge of the Nerds

Technology has been a recurring theme the past few weeks. For the past 5 hours or so, I’ve been staring aimlessly at my computer screen. I may have reached vegetable status. To clarify, I’ve been working on a mid-term paper in large chunks of time for the past five days. Uff da (as they say in my homeland). Today is, as I’m sure you may have expected, “Techies Day.” I swear I didn’t make it up! In addition to my long-term relationship with my laptop, I went through security camera training today. (Which was lead by my dear co-worker, Brad Turnbull, today’s holiday king.) Thanks to my uncle’s prior instruction, I also reset the “oil change service” light on my vehicle. (Hey, when you’re a blonde, you rejoice in the little things.)

So needless to say, I need to vent out a little creative energy. So thank you, blogosphere, for indulging me. Don’t cry for me though, Argentina. I have balanced the “technical” days, like “Crushed Can Day,” with a creative amendment to “Mud Pack Day.” (Friday, September 30). Since I didn’t want to walk around in spa mode all day, I decided that “snack packs” would do. Inspired by Bill Cosby, I purchased Jell-O pudding, Oreos, and gummy worms. You smelling what I’m stepping in? Yes, I constructed and shared dirt pudding with the world (or just one of my work committees).

My most liberal act as Everyday Holiday enthusiast came on September 25th. I declared it not “Comic Book Day,” but my birthday. A little conceited? Perhaps, but I don’t anticipate losing any sleep over it. In fact, my eyes are only half, no a quarter open at this point in time.

Goodnight world!

Keep celebrating with head and heart,


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