It’s a sad, sad world for the untechie…


I made a valiant effort to shoot and post a video for this week’s blog entry. Well, okay, the video took two minutes to shoot, but I did spend twenty minutes trying to get it to post to my blog! That’s love. However, my love did not extend so deep as to buy a $59.95 wordpress video program. Sorry.

In lieu of the video, here are the spark notes:

*I called everyone “matey” in honor of Pirate Day.

*I ate an apple turnover for its corresponding day. As a result, Arby’s is now following me on Twitter.

*I went to the Wichita Art Museum today to celebrate Museum Day. (Although not on my personal calendar, I was tipped off on this one by a coworker. Since the Smithsonian initiated the celebration, I deemed it legit.)

My dear friend Lindsey and I are standing above a kaleidoscope of colored glass in this snapshot. Although I’m bummed about the video, like Kate Winslet, “my heart will go on.” And in the end, my little technological project could, in no way, top the beauty of a day with art and good company.

Making every day a holiday,


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