Subconsious Superstition

To my delight, this everyday celebration thing is becoming second nature.

After a ho-hum week consisting of Pardon Day, Swap Ideas Day, No News is Good News Day, I hit a holiday high. On September 13th, Defy Superstition Day exceeded my expectations (note: for the current calendar year, this event did not occur on a Friday). I intentionally spilled salt and opened an umbrella indoors in order to test fate. After appearing unscathed, I opened my make-up compact for the afternoon touch-up. To my surprise, a slight crack was in the upper left hand corner of the mirror. Odd. As a spread the foundation over my face, I couldn’t help but wonder how one could really track seven years of bad luck–the commonly known curse for breaking a mirror. What occurrences would just be attributed to the messiness and strife of the human experience? In all reality, what is commonly construed as “bad luck” is usually just the consequences of our actions or the unfair, fallen nature of our world. End momentary philosophical moment.

As the day drew to a close, I went to an evening meeting, ready to unwind and focus on something other than work, class, and superstition. One guess as to what crossed my path–none other that a cat, of the black persuasion.

The next day, I faced a jam-packed September 14th. After picking up donuts and attending a staff meeting, I realized that, in my haste, I forgot to check my holiday calendar. After double and triple checking that I read it right, I was flabbergasted (well, maybe that’s a bit dramatic…surprised will do) to see that it was indeed National Cream-Filled Donut Day. Bam.

(And I almost forgot, on Teddy Bear Day, September 9th, I flipped on the T.V., only to hear a grown man rant about his teddy bear fetish. Disturbing? Yes, but oh so ironically perfect.)

(Not always intentionally) Making Everyday a Holiday,


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