Spongecake and Equality…just because.

Hello Friends!

On the Everyday Holiday front, three celebrations in particular were rather noteworthy this week. Allow me to steal a moment or two of your time to share some entertaining ancedotes.

This past week, I was most pleased with my National Spongecake Day celebration. The lovely Heather Pierce and I rang in this splendid day by enjoying miniture spongecakes with strawberries and cream. Although I did not make these treats from scratch, I did enjoy a fun afternoon connecting with a new friend (or kindred spirit as I like to call such individuals).

Friday brought Women’s Equality Day, and with it, one Kelsey Ploeger wearing pants. (I generally prefer skirts on hot Kansas days, but that would not have been very liberating.) Although I planned on voting in various online polls to exercise my freedom, another opportunity presented itself: football. A traditionally masculine game, I love this American classic like Kanye loves controversy. Ironically enough, when I was telling one of my Resident Assistants this fact about myself, she exclaimed, “Wow Kelsey, you are like man.” Despite my attempts to convince her otherwise, my dear Chinese supervisee was convinced I was, in fact, a gridiron warrior. This is about as B.A. as I get (with the help of Mrs. Rachel Farris):     

Yesterday, I dove headfirst into another one of my favorite pastimes: antique shopping. With my fellow Minnesota native, Kelly Deutschman, I ventured out to see what the great city of Lawrence, Kansas has to offer. Well, ladies and gentlemen, it has Beanie Babies to offer.

Why would a store carry such a vast array of mid 90s children’s toys? I could only surmise one conclusion: just because. Hmm…seems like a day should be made for that.

Making everyday a holiday,

The spongecake-eating, football-playing, beanie baby enthusiast

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