And so it begins

A few years ago, I was handed a simple calendar. Like most papers I have, it was haphazardly filed away in a box, doomed to collect dust. A mere three days ago, I came across this forsaken item again. Based off a book called “When?”, this calendar lists various “holidays” unofficially celebrated in the United States. From “Average Joe Day” to “Toasted Marshmallow Day.” the compilation of events is both quirky and amusing.

While sitting at lunch with my co-workers, I thought aloud, “why not celebrate each of these seemingly insignificant occasions?” Before that small group of six, I vowed to devote the next 365 days to celebrating the uncelebrated, to observing the unobserved, to recognizing the unrecognized. A little dramatic? Probably.

Looking at the next year of events, my task will require a great deal of creativity and a good measure of intentionality. The mission at hand seems rather simple, but only time will tell.

At the date of this post, I am officially on day 3 of my experiment. (Beginning on my mother’s birthday seemed like a good place to start.) Here is a snapshot of the past 3 holidays:

For National Thriftshop Day, August 17th, I proudly sported my favorite item from my favorite thrift store, Minneapolis’ own East Side (

Yesterday, August 18th, I threw all Dr. Seuss taught me out the window. It was Bad Poetry Day. My stellar composition:

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

I’m having waffles for breakfast.

Today, I so wish I were “leaving on a jetplane,” but the best I can do for National Aviation Day is to sport these babies:

Making everyday a holiday,


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